Live from Camp: Learning to ask questions


6/23/11: Day 5 of camp

I came to this camp on Sunday, June 19th looking to learn more about journalism, how it affects us and how it works in general, both the writing and video aspects. I am more on the video side of journalism. I have done volunteer work with North Metro TV Channel 15 in Blaine, Minn. for about a year and a half shooting at varsity sports events. So I’m good at video and I would like to gain the skills in journalistic writing.

When the camp started, we were given a story to work on. My story is focused on whether or not creating a small urban community is a good thing. Yesterday, I went out onto the streets of Minneapolis and interviewed people at Hiawatha Commons, an apartment complex near the light rail line that has a lot of units for low-income workers. I asked them how they feel about having an urban community.

Interviewing people was kind of difficult. I struggled a little bit while asking questions. When I interviewed a tenant named Mandy Jacobson, I started to run out of questions before I had much information, so my mentor, Dymanh Chhoun, had to step in and ask more questions. But I noticed as I interviewed more and more people, I tended to get more information out of them and come up with more questions on the spot.

I think I am getting better at the interviewing aspect of journalism, and am looking forward to learning the writing aspect during the rest of camp.

- Corey Kramer, Intermediate Camp ’11

Corey Kramer