ThreeSixty Journalism reporter produces online and radio story for Minnesota Public Radio

It is a proud day here at ThreeSixty Journalism. Grace Pastoor, one of our veteran reporters, had her voice grace the airwaves at 6:50 and 8:40 a.m. this morning on Minnesota Public Radio with a fantastic story about bullying from the teen perspective.

Grace’s story is part of a six-month MPR investigation into bullying policies at Minnesota schools, Minnesota: Weak on Bullying.

We are so proud because we think Grace’s story shows what ThreeSixty teen reporters do best — collect valuable opinions and information from teens, and write about it from the teen perspective. Click here to read and hear Grace’s story.

Some of the interesting things reported in her story include:
— Doubt about suspension being a punishment that would curb bullying
— A discussion about public shaming to stop a bully
— Teens feeling like sometimes you have to intervene physically to get a bully to stop

She got 13 teens to do interviews with her, one of whom was a former bully.

Grace’s story is getting noticed, too. Beth Hawkins, the fantastic education reporter over at MinnPost, wrote this:

MPR’s site now carries a story by St. Louis Park Senior High junior Grace Pastoor. A participant in the University of St. Thomas’ ThreeSixty Journalism program for youth, Pastoor got classmates to open up about bullying, the resulting depression, standing up for victims and even being the bully. Looks like (MPR education reporter Tom) Weber has competition. “

Thanks to everyone at Minnesota Public Radio for giving Grace this chance. And congratulations to Grace for doing such a fantastic job!

Annie Nelson