Live from July camp: Day 7


Today is the seventh day in camp — July 14 — and we all are working hard to get our interview questions answered — making phone calls, and leaving messages.

So yesterday, the dead line of the articles that each of us picked to write about teens got extended. The deadline ot get our interviews done is this Friday, July 16 now, since everyone is struggling to get their interviews.

Then this morning at 9:30 a.m., students walked in, got on their computers, and checked their email to see if they received any reply back from the people they were going to interview. Others had to make phone calls and leave a message.

The whole time, all I could hear was keyboards tapping, mouses clicking, and silent moments. Everyone was concentrating on their work. Until two hours passed, and then it was lunch times. Everyone got the chance to take a break, eat, talk, laugh, and chill.

Some people already interviewed their people, and some have to interview through the phone. For me, I already interview two people yesterday and now I have to edit and re-read it.

This process of picking a story, focusing on teens, and interviewing people is very interesting. It gave me a chance to feel like a reporter and it’s a lot of work to do. By finding their phone number from the internet, making phone calls, sending emails, and leaving a message. I also learned journalism is not all about writing story but also building self-confidence to talk to strangers. Not just talking to strangers, but also meeting new people, because who knows, it could be handy in the future to interview them again.

So today, I can say we were doing a good job, focusing on what needed to get done. Well done! Yah!

— Pa Houa Thao, July 2010 Introduction to Journalism camp