Live from July camp: Day 5

When I signed up for camp, I had no idea it would be so fun. I do like school but it’s like camp teaches more, but is fun at the same time. It’s awesome.

Today a photographer came in after lunch, which was delicious by the way. Then we went out and took some portraits. It was a very interesting thing, and I enjoyed looking at all the photographs. Before he came, I didn’t really like photography, or at least never thought about it. But now i’m pretty sure that I will have some of the best photographs on Facebook, not to mention I learned something new.

Today I also found out that I have to go technology free for three days, and journal about it. It should be fun and dreadful. I will miss Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. I can’t wait till these three days are over. These are probably some of the last words I will type for 72 hours, so I’m wondering what else I should tell you guys about camp.

The reason I even decided to apply for the camp was because I’ve always enjoyed writing. And the way we learn about Journalism here is very new to me. It feels good to be able too learn without it being forced on you. It’s like the people teaching you know that you want to be there, and you know that they want to be there too.

Well again today was a great day. I learned about photography and finished writing the questions for my interview tomorrow. Surprisingly, I’m not nervous. When camp is over I will definitely miss it and my new friends that I have made, and teachers/mentors.

I think everybody at the ThreeSixty camp is awesome and I will miss all of you guys. But I will try not to think about that time and just worry about today. Well that’s about all, so now I guess I will just go write: no TV, no computer, no texting, nothing that has to do with technology, including iPods. Hope all the rest of you have fun with your technology, don’t take it for granted!

— Daysha Patterson, July 2010 Introduction to Journalism camp