Live from July camp: Day 4


Friday was a pretty good day as far as even J-camp days go. It started by me getting a ride to the campus as usual, but I brought my longboard this time so I could explore the campus a little bit more.

By the time I got to the room, the door was already open and the computers booted up. It’s odd. I’ve never seen them turned off except for the first day I came in.

Everyone had made a final topic descion by yesterday so everybody was open to doing research. There was an awesome presentation about how to write a formal email requesting an interview by Miles, involving a slideshow and a few handouts.

I had alot of special lessons, because I had sent out my emails during the presentation. (I got the gist of it before it was over).

So the new person who had come in named Emma showed me the basics of a video interview, or rather three central components that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Then I looked at 20 or so videos, identifying elements that were shown to me previously.

Later on Miles pulled me aside and gave me even more information about video interviews, things like location, camera angles, and transitions. Unfortunately I had to cut that lesson short a little because of the time.

I’m still getting used to riding the bus, and this time I had my giant longboard to carry. I also decided to do some review on the bus, using the six or so pages of notes I acquired during the sessions with Miles and Emma.

Next time I’ll have to bring my iPod though. The bus ride can get pretty long. That’s the basic outline of my J-camp experience for that day, so I’m out.

— Dan Baden, July 2010 Introduction to Journalism camp