Live from July Camp: Day 2


For the second day of ThreeSixty’s July camp, we showed up at the University of St. Thomas around 9:30 a.m. We sat down and were once again welcomed by our instructors: Miles, Annie and Aisha.

Our first project of the day was to go out and interview people on campus about why they chose their major. The interview included asking for the person’s name, age, and contact information.

Back in the classroom, a winner was chosen for having the best story. Dan Baden won for a story he found of a junior whose major is general business because he wants to start a painting business because when he was a kid, he wished he could repaint his house. “As a kid, my house was really run down and I wanted to do something to make it look better,” said Jeff Thompson, 20, of St. Paul.

Dan won a $10 gift card to St. Thomas’s bookstore.

After that project, we paired off for a “Fact Hunt.” They gave us sheets of paper on which were 10 questions. Eight of the questions could be found via the Internet, but the last two required investigating on foot. Partners worked together to collect the most accurate answers from the most trustworthy sources in 20 minutes.

Our teachers checked our answers to see which team had the most accurate and best-cited answers, along with considering the time it took each team to complete it.

Breann Paulson and Daysha Patterson won $5 gift cards to the bookstore.

After lunch, we had many in-depth discussions. The main topics were plagiarism — how to steer clear of it — and how to cite sources properly. A great deal of the discussion also went into how to find out if you are using a reliable source or not, particularly on the web.

Then we talked about story angles, and how to find one and were asked to come back on Day 3 with three story ideas.

— Sheila Statz, July 2010 Introduction to Journalism camp