12 Weeks to Fitness: A setback wrapped in bacon, cheese and more


Welcome to 12 Weeks of Fitness, a weekly blog series by Kris Mitchell, a sophomore at the University of St. Thomas and alumnus of ThreeSixty Journalism. Kris is involved in a 12-week program at St. Thomas to lose weight and improve his health. A team of videography students will document his progress for a class project. Check back weekly to read about Kris’s experience.

With my nephew and brother-in-law at the Vikings Draft Party

This is not much of a blog post besides that I lost 2 pounds this week by dieting and exercising and that I experienced a setback. I went to the Minnesota Vikings Draft Party held at the Mall of America Field in Minneapolis. I had one of the greasiest, fattening things I have ever eaten. It was a brat wrapped in bacon, surrounded by a hamburger with cheese. I probably wiped out my whole diet with a week’s worth calories. I had to try it though because I had been strict with my diet all week. It wasn’t the best but I had to try it to keep myself motivated to continue with my diet. I feel like I can indulge myself once in a while in order to motivate me even more to diet. It helps to reduce the sudden cravings and long periods where I feel like I am totally limiting myself.

Even though I gave in to this craving, I did put extra work in by working out longer and running a lot more this week. My workouts consist of playing basketball and jogging and doing the extra work in both of those things helps me stay in shape.

Despite the setback, I am still optimistic and look forward to next week’s visit with Dr. Polly to check on my back from the surgery I had a few weeks ago. I hope my back is fully recovered, which will help me live with a better attitude and feel better about myself overall.

- Kris Mitchell, University of St. Thomas sophomore and ThreeSixty Journalism alumnus

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