Day Five: Rewarding

As the last day of the College Essay Boot Camp came to an end, I felt relieved and a little uneasy. Relieved because I had finally finished my college essay, something I thought would take a year or two to complete. It turns out that I finished it within a week and I couldn't have been any more satisfied.

But a part of me also felt uneasy, disappointed even. I had only been attending this camp for about five days and I have already grown to immensely love it. The staff and volunteers at ThreeSixty have been a tremendous help in every way. From assisting me in writing my essay to giving me great writing and critical thinking skills, they’ve really helped make this camp that I once had some preconceived notions about both fun and something I actually look forward to every day.

My favorite part about ThreeSixty was when I got to read my college essay in front of everyone. I felt very confident and the way I spoke even surprised me. It definitely felt rewarding to get that kind of privilege and letting everyone know about my story.

This has definitely been the best summer of my life. I am so grateful that I am able to attend such a wonderful summer camp and be surrounded by people who are really helpful and peers that you can connect with. ThreeSixty Journalism camp is something that I’m glad I discovered and decided to attend, and I look forward to the rest of the camp and I hope to come back next summer.

– Safiya Mohamed, St. Paul Central High School Class of 2020