Day Nine: Eye-opening

“... Interviewing random people on the street,” said Miles Trump.

It is insane to go and interview a random person within the campus. It is not something I would do on a daily basis. When I first heard it, my palm was sweating. I thought “Who in the world thought of this idea? Have they considered people who are shy?”

After that, I thought that I am going to have to drag myself through this whole summer camp; however, each new day, we learn something new. It went by quick and I knew it -- it was already the day where we are going out to interview random people. I totally forgot it, but the lessons and practices we did in class made me a bit confident in interviewing a total stranger.

I have some butterflies in my stomach in the beginning of each interview, but it disappears towards the midst of the conversation. I met two interesting people that I would not have a chance to talk if it were not for this project. I felt proud of myself after the project. It was like I just climbed Mount Everest. It was worth the risk of stepping out of my comfort zone.

ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp opened my eyes to a new world. It introduces many other occupation that are available in the journalism field. The chances that they allow us to interview professionals is like a given chance to peek into the world beyond just education. I was able to see what is more than just an occupation; I see passion.

I am glad I got into ThreeSixty Journalism Summer Camp. I would totally recommend it to others.

– Pasaya Moua, St. Paul Harding High School Class of 2018