Day Eight: This is AWESOME

“This is going to be awkward.”

That’s what I whispered to Ba Po before I entered Scooter’s at the Anderson Student Center on Day 1 of camp. But later that day, I told my friend that I’ll take back my words because everything happened so much better than what I expected.

To be honest, ThreeSixty made my summer “the best.” I met a lot of nice people in a week. I met several professionals from the journalism industry. The advice and the lessons that I got from them are important. Moreover, I made new friends, which I thought I never could do in short time. I loved the delicious lunch at The View, specially DIY type of stir fry and ice cream.  

Also, I can’t believe that I wrote my college essay in three days. What magic! Honestly, I am not a great writer. I can say I am below the average. I lack grammar, vocabularies and format.

But, because of ThreeSixty, I started to feel comfortable in writing with confidence. I started to feel everything is possible if I try. I appreciated being part of this camp. All those opportunities that I got are of high value to me. Once again, thank you so much for everything. (Shout out to Miles for being patient with our trio.)

This is AWESOME.

– Pan Han, Roseville Area High School Class of 2018


My College Possible coach recommended ThreeSixty Journalism to me to finish my college essay. I had to cancel my summer school to attend ThreeSixty and I don’t regret the decision I made. I had so much fun.

I also used my time to explore new things. I learned how communication is important whatever our major is. I finished my college essay, which I will be using for college applications and scholarships. I met with a great writing coach who helped me to be able to communicate with her openly and share my story with others.

I thought this camp would only cover journalism and the college essay when I reached  the University of St. Thomas on the morning of July 10. ThreeSixty helped me to know more about college admission and financial aid. I got the chance to talk and ask questions with guests that were brought by ThreeSixty Journalism. They give me more explanation than the college visits. In the visit, I didn’t get the chance to talk with college admission counselors or financial aid counselors.

I didn’t know how journalism is important. I never thought about my communication with others and how it will affect or help me for the future. Thanks to ThreeSixty Journalism, they made me understand that journalism is not only about being a journalist but also about being a good communicator.

– Belainesh Admas, St. Paul Harding Senior High School Class of 2018


It was a long morning.

I had struggled to wake up. It also didn’t help that I forgot to check if the program was at the St. Paul campus so I came to the first day late. I felt like I made a wrong first impression.

I had first learned about the ThreeSixty program via my friend Heidi. It sounded cool and I had already signed up for a Journalism program in Boston so I thought it would give me some needed momentum, and I wasn’t going to do anything else for the rest of the summer.

I think that ThreeSixty surprised me. I thought that I would be stuck in lengthy lectures about Journalism, like in my another program, but this program is really interactive. We don’t just talk about Journalism and what it means, we talk about it and then we apply it.

I feel like even though I have only been here for a week or so, I feel I’m making strong relationships with my fellow students. I notice that we are really connecting with each other, even the new arrivals to the program.

I'm liking ThreeSixty and I'm looking forward to what's in store for the future.

– Magda Abdi, Hiawatha Collegiate High School Class of 2019