Day Seven: Only the Beginning

I can finally say now I actually enjoy writing. This camp taught me the real definition of journalism because of the essence of storytelling.

When I first signed up for this camp I thought it would be too much of a challenge for me to exceed, but I'm glad I had the courage to sign up anyways. Thanks to this camp I already have my college essay done and I'm only a sophomore!  

One of my favorite memories from this camp so far is getting to hear other amazing talented students read their own extraordinary personal stories. I never thought I would be able to finish my college essay in only five days, but thanks to my writing coach, Nancy, and the ThreeSixty leaders, anything became achievable.

Most recently we now are focusing on the elements of interviewing someone and newswriting. So far I find these topics quite captivating, but a challenge for me because you must interview someone and write their story within a very short time limit. Overall, this camp is only the beginning for my writing career and I am tremendously thankfully for ThreeSixty for this opportunity.

– Heaven Aschalew, St. Paul Harding Senior High School Class of 2020


As I walk into the room, I asked myself, “How boring is this going to be?”

I thought I was going to regret coming here, but by the end of the week I said, “I was wrong, I did not regret coming to Threesixty Journalism at all.”

I learned new things, I improved on my writing, and overall it was fun meeting new people.

– Ba Po, Roseville Area High School Class of 2018