Day Six: What is There Not to Like?

One day I was talking to my English teacher Ms. Passage about improving my writing skills, and Ms. Passage informed me about ThreeSixty Journalism camp. She explained how the program does more than helps improve writing skills and explains what journalism is, but will also help me with my college essay. So it was a win-win situation for me.

If my English teacher Ms. Passage didn't inform me about ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp, I wouldn't be here today.

My first week here at the University of St. Thomas for the ThreeSixty Journalism camp, we worked on our college essay, which was a big help because the students were provided with writing coaches. My writing coach and ThreeSixty staff members helped me shorten my essay from 900 words to about 500 words, which I thought was incredible. Without their help I would've been working on shortening my essay for weeks, but with their help I did it in about a day.

It is now day one of week two and we're learning about journalism – not just the definition but how it ties into news. We learned what to look for when it comes down to elements for news: novelty, timeliness, impact, prominence, proximity, emotion and conflict. If you don't have any of those elements it's not considered a newsworthy story; we heard about the types of news today, such as hard news (also known as breaking news), soft news, investigative journalism and columns/opinion pieces. We met two wonderful guests speakers, Hlee Lee who has her own storytelling company, and Neal Justin, who works for the Star Tribune. We did more activities, but I'm not going to run down the whole day.

For anyone wondering if the ThreeSixty Journalism camp is a waste of time, it's really not; you get the chance to meet new people, have fun and get your work done. What is there not to like?

– Gabriel Hearne, Columbia Heights High School Class of 2019


“You seem very happy today,” Miles Trump, program manager of ThreeSixty Journalism Camp, pointed out.

That was a fairly accurate statement. The entire day I was floating on a cloud of giggles. You should've seen the looks on people’s faces when I was crying on the floor from laughter on the last day of the College Essay Boot Camp. I couldn’t help myself. I had to walk up to Pan, a student at ThreeSixty, and pull up her pants to give her a wedgie. It was priceless.

As Pan says, “No matter how much you annoy me. I can’t hate you.” I’ll skip the details as to how she came to that conclusion. Many people can attest to that including Heidi, a close friend of mine. I think she thinks I’m a monkey, though.

Heidi is hilarious. Well, actually I’m hilarious, but then she starts laughing, then I start laughing and then Miles glares at us, giving the go-sign to laugh on.

“Hey Sharee, shhh,” he says with his finger to his lips.

That means laugh on, right?

ThreeSixty has been one of my favorite parts of summer. So Heidi, if you’re reading this, I think it has been a “Gucci” time.

– Sharee Roman, St. Paul Academy and Summit School Class of 2020