Day One: That Special Feeling

One thing that stood out to me was that, at the moment when I got there, the staff already knew my name.

“I won’t make it to ThreeSixty Journalism on Thursday, because I’m planning on doing my license test on that day,” was a text that I was supposed to be sending after I attended day one. I often do what I plan, but I didn’t on this plan. Instead, I cancelled my license appointment because this was one of the best days of my summer.

Once I got to St. Thomas, all the staff were helpful and they were really nice. They provided everything that we needed for the day. One thing that stood out to me was that, at the moment when I got there, the staff already knew my name. It was a shock to me because I’ve attended three other programs this summer and they didn’t even seem to know me when I first attended. Also, after the session ended, one of the staff members even sent us to a bus stop and helped us figure out which bus to ride. Somehow, all these moments made me feel special. It felt like the staff actually wanted me to be there and this shows that they value how their applicants may feel.

It was a long day but it went pretty fast, we did lots of stuff. But I’m sure that all the applicants won’t regret today because it was worthy. I had a great time meeting new people and meeting the people that I’ve met before again. I learned so much about St. Thomas and how this program works. Overall, I appreciate this program for accepting me to participate and because of this wonderful day, I choose to attend every day and be the best I can be every day.

- Pay Poe, Roseville Area High School Class of 2018

I took the city bus to University of St.Thomas on the first day of ThreeSixty Journalism. I searched the routes before I came, and I thought it will be fun. On the first day, I got off the bus at the wrong stop, so I had to walk to St.Thomas. Luckily, it was not too far.

When I arrived to the campus, I didn’t know which building was the Anderson Student Center. I kept walking straight and saw two girls was walking to the left. So I thought that they might be one of the members of ThreeSixty (they were not), and I followed them. They went in a building. I looked up the building and it stated Anderson Student Center right in front of the building. I got to the right place. When I got in the door, Bao said hi to me and helped me find my folder. Her smile made me felt so welcoming and comfortable.

I went into the room, then I saw my friends and went to sit with them. Suddenly, Miles popped up, and he had a special voice. He told us to talk with somebody that we didn’t know. When I went to talk with others, they were nice and friendly. Everyone was passionate about this camp.

During lunch, I had a great conversation with Chad. He gave me advice on how to improve my reading skills, and some information about a career in Business and Math. He was a very nice person to talk to.

- Shimin Zhang, Roseville Area High School Class of 2018