Days Nine and Ten: Gratitude

My time at ThreeSixty was unforgettable.

My College Possible coach pushed me into joining ThreeSixty. When I heard that it would be a journalism camp, I immediately assumed that it would be boring and slow, but that was not the case. The camp was located in a very beautiful university and the people who attended this camp were funny, smart and very interesting people. I started to feel nervous when I arrived at the camp. I had to sit in a classroom full of strangers for nine hours, and that was enough to make me anxious, but I started to realize that these strangers were as nervous as I was. This made me feel a bit more comfortable around them, and before I knew it I had friends. The most difficult task I had to do was interviewing random people about their summer plans. Approaching a stranger and asking them a simple question does not sound so hard but it was. I struggled to find the right person to interview, but I was able to push through my fear and I was able to get an interview. I was able visit KARE11 News and the Pioneer Press, and these experiences were informative and exciting. I have never been behind the scenes of a newsroom, so that was definitely a new experience. I realized that operating a news channel is not easy and requires hard work and determination. These past two weeks have been stuffed with useful journalism information and college essay writing, but it was worth it. I would strongly recommend this camp to friends or to people who are curious about journalism.

Bethlehem Tewodros is a member of the St. Paul Central High School Class of 2018.

I have learned so much during my time here. I have learned about jobs that I didn't even know existed. I also learned how to make the perfect college essay and I don't have to worry about it during my senior year. I got to see how a newsroom works and met interesting people. I got to do things that are outside of my comfort zone. I learned how important news is and met awesome people. I recommend this program to anyone who loves writing or journalism and want to learn more about it. This program is educational and fun.

Bahju Salat is a member of the St. Paul Johnson High School class of 2020.

Today is the tenth and final day at the ThreeSixty Journalism camp, and it has been a great and wonderful experience. I have been able to learn so many things in these past two weeks. Also, the food is pretty great. But the first couple of days here it was kind of hard, and me not being present the first day made it even more difficult. It was a fast-paced class for sure. We were learning the structures of a good college essay one day, and receiving information on financial aid the next. It felt really confusing, and it took me a little longer to understand all the information being thrown at me then the other students. This at first kind of intimidated me, but this just pushed me to try harder. But after getting through the first week, and finally finishing our college essays, everything got a little easier. We started getting into journalism and the jobs that fall under this category. We got to meet so many guest speakers who told us about their experiences and all about how they got into journalism. We got to peak at different kinds of journalism that include things like film, virtual reality and of course print. We also had the opportunity to visit a couple news stations like KARE11, a well-known and award-winning news station located. But overall this camp was a great experience. I am so glad that I came to this camp and would definitely recommend it to my friends.  

Jorge Sánchez is a member of the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School class of 2018.

Originally, I was going to drop out of the summer camp. I felt that it was going to be bore and that I would not have enjoyed my time at ThreeSixty. Even my friends knew I would have dropped out, but my lazy habits restricted me to make the attempt to contact Bao and say no.

Yet, I was completely wrong about what I assumed the camp was going to be.

My time at ThreeSixty was unforgettable. From the intense college essay boot camp and to the informative introduction to the world of journalism, I found myself absorbing content that I actually enjoyed. I felt that my voice was actually heard for once. I had a safe outlet where I could discuss about societal issues. Throughout the course of the camp, I have also met several prominent people in the journalism field. These connections will later benefit me when it comes to my future, and I could not thank ThreeSixty enough for these opportunities. I am able to communicate my ideas better and reach out to people that I could have never done before. ThreeSixty also helped me discover weakness I didn’t know I had. I considered myself a decent writer. Yet, once I came to ThreeSixty, I was stunned that I lacked in skills that my own teachers never addressed. The writing coaches and Bao (shout out to my guy Libor Jany) gave incredible insight and ideas to my essay. My most memorable part of the camp had to be the guest speakers. The stories that these journalists told had moved me. Overall this program had open doors and opportunities for me, and I am excited to see what ThreeSixty has to offer for me for the future.

Selena Souvannasane is a member of the Bloomington Kennedy High School class of 2018.