Day Two: Settling In

I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in journalism, English, or just writing in general.

These past couple have days have been pretty engaging for me. I’ve learned how to improve my writing, as well as how to prepare for college with financial aid and scholarships, including the ThreeSixty Journalism Scholarship, which is something I am considering applying to. I really liked being able to go around the campus and see more of the University of St. Thomas. Whilst in the program, I have learned that this is actually the school that I am interesting in going to. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in journalism, English or just writing in general. It was nice to be able to do a camp focused solely on writing.

- Samira Mohamed, Harding Senior High School Class of 2019

My first day at ThreeSixty Journalism was very awesome because I met a lot of new people and made new friends. I talked with Jose, and he is very funny and friendly. He made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I could start enjoying this program. The food is also very good. I got to eat with other students and get to know them. We were talking about sports at my school, Harding Senior High School, and enjoying the ice cream!

I am working on my college essay now. I’ve learned to add more detail to my essay and how to write a good essay. I learned about the central idea and a strong introduction. My writing coach, Simeon, gave me a lot of ideas as to how to organize my thoughts, and we talked about how to start my essay. Tomorrow, I am going to finish my essay draft then add more adjectives and description to make it more interesting.

And I made a best friend today, Chad. We talked a few times today, and it made me feel very comfortable with him and want to stay in this camp. Bao and Miles are very friendly too, and I thank them for helping me and all the students.

- Ratsamee Thosaengsiri, Harding Senior High School Class of 2018