Day Four: Fabulous!

Though journalism has not been on my radar for a career, Threesixty has given me an interest in the field.

These last four days have gotten more and more exciting. With the great support staff there is, they have been willing to help us each day giving us an idea on what to write about and also how to make your college essay go from “okay” to “fabulous!” Each day I am filled with more knowledge than ever. Who would've ever knew I could write with far more detail and finally feel great about my writing. Usually when I wrote a story I could never actually feel the emotions but with ThreeSixty and my peers I can now feel great about the things I write and hopefully with more experience I will be able to help those around me as well.

We also got much support from presenters, getting an idea of what to expect In college and how we can get help financially with financial aid and scholarships to pay off students loans and college tuitions. The campus looks beautiful with many sights to see and many students, and classes and career paths to look into. My peers are filled with many great stories and they are all willing to help you become a better writer and learn from one another. They are also all very nice and interactive as well. I would recommend those around me to join the camp and improve your writing in no time and finally make your writing look like a piece of art.

 - Jose Palmas, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School class of 2018

Being here in St. Thomas being able to experience this program is a true blessing. Already getting the chance to create my college essay and getting help for writing coaches, I've been thankful for this opportunity. When starting off at first, I was pretty shocked knowing how quick we'll be moving and what we will do at ThreeSixty. However, I was able to get into the routine and get started. Even though I was a bit slow when compared to others, that is because I was still a bit confused with the process I made with my writing coach. But after taking time to think of the outline and summarize it completely, I was able to realize what the main point of my essay was. I pushed on the gas knowing my time was pretty limited now, and with the help of my writing coach, I was able to finish it the same day we changed my main idea of the story. So this first week I've been appreciating the assistance with the people of this program. Also I've been able to connect closer with my classmates and people from the program such as Miles, Bao and Chad! I am looking forward to what will come next week and I will keep this advice for later events in my life.

 - José Galvan, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School class of 2018

My experience with the Threesixty Journalism Rookie Journalist Camp has been phenomenal. On Monday morning, I was anxious and uneasy about traveling 30 minutes to the University of St. Thomas every single day for the next two weeks, because I thought this program was not for me. However, with the first week coming to an end, I have made more friends than I do at school in the first month! The writing instructors, Bao and Miles, have been extremely helpful and supportive when it came to our college essays. Chad, who is the executive director of the program, has also been supportive. Though he hasn’t worked with me yet, I am able to see the progress in the other rookie’s he worked with. Additionally, my writing coach, Gino Terrell, was great to work with! Really talkative and funny! Though we come from two different backgrounds he understands my perspectives and has helped me put them into coherent sentences on my college essay.

Ultimately, Threesixty Journalism has been a rewarding camp. It has helped my college essay evolve into a piece of artwork. It has helped me make wonderful connection with many great people. Though journalism has not been on my radar for a career, Threesixty has given me an interest in the field.

 - Zong Xiong, Champlin Park High School class of 2018