Day Eight: Ideas, Voice, Teamwork

I learned many new things that will not only help me in writing but also in life skills.

On the first day of camp, I got lost while taking the Metro Transit to the University of St. Thomas. I ended up not attending our first day, which is something I regret the most after joining everyone on the second day. I signed up for ThreeSixty through my coach from College Possible. My first impression before joining this camp was that I totally hate journalism, but I’ll join it to improve my writing skills. However, as the camp progressed on, my original thought about journalism fades away and I am grateful that I’m part of this amazing camp. With the help from our writing coaches, I was able to write a 597-word essay about the struggles I faced that made me the person I am right now.

On our third day of learning about journalism, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and go around the campus interviewing students about their summer plans. I cannot wait to see what other amazing things will be waiting for us to figure out on our last two days at the camp.

- Nhan Luong, Champlin Park High School Class of 2018


My time in the ThreeSixty Rookie Journalist Camp so far has been exciting and wonderful. When camp first began, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, but I knew it would fun and that it would be an awesome experience. Last week we worked on our college essays with our writing coaches, which was honestly one of the best experiences. I was able to write my essay with help and discrete feedback, which I really appreciated.

We are currently on our second week of camp, the journalism part, and it has been so thrilling. I'm learning things that I had no idea about before. I also got to meet new people who are really open and who have awesome backgrounds and stories, which makes me comfortable with the idea of sharing my voice and ideas. Having all the guest speakers come in and interact with us was rewarding, because we got to see what journalism really is about and taught us ways on how to get better with not only writing an awesome story but talking ethics.

My writing mentors (Bao, Miles & Chad) have honestly helped me open up throughout camp. We did activities that helped me with getting my ideas out there, along with teamwork with others, they also helped me become greater as a writer. ThreeSixty Rookie Journalist Camp has been so rewarding to be a part of. I learned many new things that will not only help me in writing but also in life skills. I would recommend this program to anyone, not only to those who are interested in journalism, but to those also who are looking to be apart of an amazing program that has major support.

- Stephanie Tapia-Ponce, Robbinsdale Armstrong High School Class of 2018