Three Reasons to Apply for ThreeSixty Summer Camp

Summer camps take place on the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul campus.

It happened to Hlee Lee. It also had a similar effect on Zekriah Chaudhry. Samantha HoangLong experienced it, too.

ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp changed these high schoolers’ lives by introducing them to and enhancing their love for storytelling. And the impact was so great, these students all made the decision to study communication and journalism in college.

It will happen for some of you, too.

Students who participate in one of ThreeSixty Journalism’s summer programs gain a voice to tell their stories, helping them feel more connected to their communities and become more driven, knowledgeable, confident, tenacious, brave, enthusiastic and passionate in life.

Pretty cool, right?

Need more reasons to sign up today? Here are my top three reasons why you should apply for ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp.


You can significantly increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice by submitting a powerful and compelling personal essay. ThreeSixty Journalism and our volunteers, who are professional writers and communications experts, support you throughout the process—from brainstorming topics to revising to editing. Our students have used their essays to get into New York University, Penn State University and the University of St. Thomas.

HoangLong, a Burnsville High School senior, said writing her college essay was “really fun.”

“I never thought a journalism camp was something I would enjoy much,” she said. “I was just going because, ‘Okay, I get to write a college essay.’ … I ended up using that college essay quite frequently.”

The one-week College Essay Boot Camp is offered as part of a two-week journalism camp. It’s intensive, but you’ll be glad you did it!


Are you ready to grow your network of friends and people who can get you a job or internship later in life? ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp brings a diverse group of high school students together from across the Twin Cities – and even from around the globe. Last year, one student joined us from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! You’ll enjoy learning from your peers’ experiences, making memories together and staying lifelong friends.

Our ThreeSixty volunteers, guest speakers and supporters are also eager to meet you and share their journeys of becoming journalists and communications professionals.

Chaudhry, a Minneapolis South High School junior, said his favorite part of ThreeSixty summer camps so far has been “the connections I’ve been able to build with professional journalists, going into their environments, observing their daily lives, their daily objectives they have to fulfill and getting an idea of what it’s like to be a professional journalist.”

Often times, mentorships are formed and professional journalists will keep students in mind when internships and job opportunities arise.


The ultimate life-changing event to happen to a ThreeSixty Journalism student is when they receive our ThreeSixty Scholarship. It’s a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to study Communication and Journalism at the University of St. Thomas. That’s a value of more than $160,000. You’re eligible when you complete a two-week summer program and are admitted to the University of St. Thomas.

Lee, ThreeSixty’s inaugural scholar, remembered how stressed she and her family of 10 felt about college tuition. She was thinking, “What am I going to do, how am I going to pay for college?” she said.
“If I didn’t have the scholarship, I may not have stuck to journalism,” she said. Lee graduated from St. Thomas in 2007 and is now a freelance videographer and storyteller working primarily with Twin Cities-based nonprofits.

Will you join hundreds of your peers who say ThreeSixty Journalism summer camp was the highlight of their high school life? Apply today at

Get the most out of your summer — join ThreeSixty today! Meet great people; learn new skills that will help you in high school, college and beyond; experience life on a college campus; and complete your college essay. Apply for ThreeSixty Journalism’s Rookie Journalist Camp and ThreeSixty Journalism’s News Reporter Academy TODAY!

To apply, go to and follow the directions to fill out the application. Summer camps take place on the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul campus. Application deadline is May 22, 2017. Space is limited, and it is a competitive application process. Questions? Contact me at or at 651-962-5225.