Changing for the better

ThreeSixty Program Manager Miles Trump.

This may look like a normal edition of ThreeSixty Magazine.

But behind the scenes, we’ve made a couple of crucial enhancements to the way these stories are created and presented. The first, and most apparent, of these changes is the new sections in this magazine: News, Active Life, Culture and Voices.

Creating these sections is one of the ways we’ve increased student collaboration, student interest and student investment in the reporting process at ThreeSixty. Each ThreeSixty student participating on News Team – our school-year program – this year is now part of a team of student journalists that writes for one of those sections in this magazine. We now have News reporters, Active Life reporters, Culture reporters and Voices writers. Not only do students have the opportunity to write about topics, issues, events and people they’re interested in, but also they have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of their peers and contribute to the quality of their section. It’s an exciting change for the students, staff and volunteers.

But what type of stories can you expect to see in these sections?

On pages 6–7, you’ll find the News section, which will contain a range of hard news, soft news and feature stories on issues and topics that matter to teenagers. Several of our News reporters wrote profiles for our “Changemakers” series, which you can find more about on page 11.

On pages 8–10, you’ll find the Active Life section, offering stories about teenagers’ active lifestyles inside and outside of school, with a specific focus on sports, other extracurriculars, fitness and health.

On pages 22–25, you’ll find the Culture section, which will consist of stories about teenage life in modern-day society, and will have a specific focus on arts and entertainment, technology/new media and other cultural topics that matter to youth.

And on pages 26–29, you’ll find the Voices section, comprising teens’ first-person perspectives on a number of issues and topics. Another subtler change we’re excited about is to the structure of News Team, which used to meet once per month but now meets in three intensive sessions throughout the school year. ThreeSixty just wrapped up its October session of News Team, which spanned the first four Saturdays of the month. Students and volunteers worked incredibly hard on students’ stories and showed great commitment during this time, and the result is the fantastic magazine you have in your hands.

We’ll continue with News Team sessions in January (to plan and execute our Youth Digital Media Summit in February) and in March (to create the next edition of the ThreeSixty Magazine). These changes represent the ways ThreeSixty continues to adapt to our students’ needs and to give our students the best opportunities to succeed. And as you’ll see through the compelling stories on the following pages, success comes easily for these students.