A world of opportunity at ThreeSixty Journalism

Miles Trump, program manager at ThreeSixty Journalism.
All of our students have a story to tell. All of our students' voices matter.


My job at ThreeSixty Journalism is to think about opportunity for students, in some form, every single day.

How can we at ThreeSixty offer better opportunities for students to learn the craft of journalism? In what ways can we help students discover their voice and seize on their passion for telling stories? How can we use journalism to open doors that might’ve been previously closed to students?

Whether you’re picking up this magazine for the first time, or you’re a longtime supporter of ThreeSixty, you’ve probably figured out what general opportunities we offer.

We teach students the craft of journalism.

We make them better writers.

We help them gain confidence in their skills as communicators.

We publish their work in our magazine (thanks for reading!) and in the Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press — the two largest newspapers in Minnesota — at least once per year.

We work one-on-one with them on their college essays.

And, we give one full-tuition scholarship to a ThreeSixty student each year to study Communication and Journalism at the University of St. Thomas.

ThreeSixty, however, offers many more opportunities, both small and large, to students who take part in our program.

Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known impacts of being a ThreeSixty student.


What’s your story?

ThreeSixty equips teens to go out and tell other people’s stories — one of the fundamental tenets of journalism.

Students learn who they are in relation to the world around them.

We also recognize that all of our students have a story to tell. All of our students’ voices matter.

With those two principles in mind, we at ThreeSixty give students the opportunity to discover their voice
— and how it fits in with the chorus of other voices in our world — and teach students the skills to tell their own story, all in the hope they’ll tell the stories of others with more confidence and ability than before.


When I worked at ThreeSixty Journalism as a University of St. Thomas student several years ago, I crossed paths at summer camp with an editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The following summer, that same editor hired me as an intern reporter at the Pioneer Press. And that internship kicked off my journalism career in a big way.

Similar to the example above, ThreeSixty puts high school students in a unique position to connect with, work with and develop relationships with professionals who might be able to help them find internships — and jobs — in the future.

First, we bring in top-of-the-line professionals to work directly with students. Several of these people are leaders in their newsrooms and in positions to hire interns — or to influence their hiring manager’s decisions.

Secondly, those hirers at times turn to us, looking for talented ThreeSixty alums and college students to fill their internships.

Recently, ThreeSixty alums have interned at KSTP, The Current (Minnesota Public Radio), Round Earth Media in Morocco and the City of St. Paul Communications Department, among other places. Not to mention, in partnership with the Minnesota Newspaper Association and Pohlad Family Foundation, ThreeSixty has offered a nice little paid internship for a couple of graduating seniors.

Students interested in seriously pursuing a journalism career need internships to get jobs. ThreeSixty can provide a bridge to the professionals who might one day hire you for an internship.


Young Reporters Series. Asian American Journalists Association’s JCAMP. National Association of Black Journalists’ JSHOP.

These are all examples of fantastic journalism opportunities that several ThreeSixty students have taken advantage of alongside their commitment to ThreeSixty. One former ThreeSixty stu-dent’s JCAMP experience brought her to Washington, D.C. Another’s took her to Boston. A handful of students honed their skills at JSHOP in the Twin Cities this summer, and soon (if not already), you should hear another of our students on Minnesota Public Radio, reporting a story for the Young Reporters Series.

In many ways, ThreeSixty can act as a launching pad for your journalism career.


When I was a high school student, attending college seemed difficult to envision.

How was I going to live on my own? How would I scrape together the money to pay for school? Could I even get accepted to college?

Is this for me?

Then I took my first visit to the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Everything changed. I realized college wasn’t only for me — it was a place where I could flourish.

That’s exactly what we want for every student who comes through our doors — to know that you (yes, you!) can succeed in college, too. At ThreeSixty, you have an opportunity to sink your teeth into the college experience. You can explore the campus. Eat the food. Hang out in the quad. Talk with admissions staff. Buy the gear. Live a portion of the college lifestyle, all while learning about journalism.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, really.


If you’re a high school student and you’re still reading this column, I’m glad. That means you must be remotely interested in something I wrote in the previous 800-some words.

All of the things I mentioned above truly take shape in one of ThreeSixty’s summer camps. So, here’s your call to action: Join us this summer and come find out for yourself.

You won’t regret it.

In fact, this will be one opportunity you won’t want to miss.