Spring Your Turn Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. We asked teens from around the Twin Cities to take photos that capture their neighborhood’s personality. Out of everyone who submitted, we think these three did the best job. Kudos!

First place

Marcy Grace, 15, of Southwest High School

A look down the snow covered apartment buildings
for rent on 24th Street off of Nicollet Avenue. — Mary Grace

Judges’ feedback: You did a wonderful job capturing the cold winter day in Minneapolis with this picture. An icy sidewalk, nobody outside, and leafless trees tell us how cold it is outside.

Second place

Clara Jordan, 14, of Southwest High School

Colfax Avenue south in Uptown on April 20. Everyone
awoke to the snow falling and a winter wonderland in spring.

Judges’ feedback: You did a good job of capturing the winter color of Minneapolis. The snow falling down to the street, cars with front window packed with snow, it’s captures the feel of winter in your neighborhood.

Third place

Anna Ryden, 15, of Southwest High School

This is Linden, the tree in my neighbor’s yard.
Dogs often bark at him, but I assure you, he is really friendly.

Judges’ feedback: Although this photo is simple, it really captures the culture of south Minneapolis. And the caption adds to the photo’s meaning by telling about dogs being scared of “Linden.”